The 9 Best 'Bluey' Costumes For The Family, From Masks To Onesies (2023)


The 9 Best 'Bluey' Costumes For The Family, From Masks To Onesies (1)


Bluey and the gang are all here.

by Kinsey Gidick and Grace Gallagher


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To know Bluey is to love it. The Australian cartoon series has somehow found a way to capture the magic of pretend through a family of Blue Heeler dogs: mom Chilli, dad Bandit, and their two daughters, Bingo and Bluey. And it’s as sweet and funny for parents as it is for kids. Naturally, that means this runaway hit will be the go-to costume come All Hallow’s Eve. And you can score a Bluey Halloween costume in advance on these sites.

What you’ll find here are various riffs on jumpsuits with matching masks. Some are super oversized head coverings, others just go over the eyes, so you can pick and choose what your child will tolerate while racing through the neighborhood trick-or-treating.

Not surprisingly, smart makers over on Etsy have also jumped on the Bluey bandwagon and applied their crafting prowess to a variety of riffs on the cute pups. For instance, one Etsy vendor has made a Bluey newborn bonnet that’s so sweet you’ll wish your own imaginative kids were babies again so they could wear it.

To really embody the right Bluey attitude, grab one of these costumes and help your child work on their Aussie accent.

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Bluey and Bingo onesies for children and adults

(Video) BLUEY FAMiLY in real life!! Adley & Niko trick or treat at our Spacestation party in their costume!

These cozy Bluey and Bingo fleece onesies are simple, non-complicated, and warm, and are cozy enough to lay out on the couch on, while devouring sweets and marathon-watching your child’s favorite Blue Heeler on the screen. They snap button in the front, and even the backs of the costumes have adorable spotted details and a small tail. It really is the type of Halloween costume that will not be relegated to the Halloween box, only to be dusted off every October 1. No, this will live front and center in your child’s closet, and is the type of thing they’ll just randomly put on while crafting, eating, playing, and chilling.


Knitted Bluey beanie hat for babies, kids, and adults

Looking for a way to get your baby in on the family Bluey costume theme? Here’s an easy solution: A hand-crocheted Bluey knit cap made to order. You could honestly forgo the rest of a costume all together since this darling toque says it all. Or, if you want to complete the look, just pop your kiddo in a blue onesie or footie pajamas. Since they are made to order, you just have to tell the seller what size you want, and if you check out Nat Crochet Creative’s Etsy shop, you’ll see that they offer Bingo and Muffin beanies too.


One-piece Bluey costume for little kids

One of the most important characteristics of a great costume is that it's flexible and easy to move in. A multilayered witch costume complete with a skirt, shawl, broom, and hat? Not so much. A comfortable, one-piece Bluey costume? Perfection. This onesie has an attached plush tail, and it closes up the back with Velcro fasteners for ease getting in and out; it’s designed with kids ages 3-5 in mind.

There are no gloves or booties either, making this costume a breeze when it comes to putting on shoes (opt for blue shoes and socks, if possible). The felt mask fits gently around the head with some stretchy elastic, so kids can easily take it on and off. This is an officially-licensed Bluey product, too, meaning it’s recommended on their website, though you’ll buy this Bluey Halloween costume through Kmart.


Bluey costume for kids

Some Bluey costumes are just blue jumpsuits. Any self-respecting Bluey fan will know in minutes that’s not a true blue rendition of this beloved character — not the case with this Bluey suit. The dog’s signature tail and side markings are all present and accounted for in this onesie, not to mention Bluey’s cream tummy. And to make this costume all the more outrageous, the pup’s head is featured on a giant oversized hat that straps under the chin with some Velcro. Hands and feet are uncovered so kids can easily carry a trick-or-treat bag and a long tail hangs off the back.


Hooded Bluey onesie for kids

Here’s a Bluey Halloween costume your little one will actually wear again— in fact, the trouble here will be convincing them to wear anything else. The cute hood features Bluey’s face and ears, making this a good mask-free option for kids who don’t like the feeling of having something on their face. These are technically pajamas, and they’re made of comfortable 100% polyester fleece material. The zip up the front makes bathroom breaks as easy as they can be in a one-piece.


Bluey face masks for kids and adults

If you’re going the DIY route this Halloween, but don’t think you can master an intricate Bluey or Bandit mask, look no further. The fam’s all here with these cute felt face masks, which are available for all four main characters — Bluey, Bingo, Bandit, and Chili — and come in both child and adult sizes. These have the classic made-from-scratch Halloween look that would go perfectly with a homemade Bluey-themed costume. If your family is dressing up as the Blue Heeler pups, this seller offers a family set which includes an adult-size Bandit mask, adult-size Chili mask, a child-size Bingo mask, and a child-size Bluey mask. You’ll save some money buying a bundle, too.


Baby Bingo costume

I have a feeling that this Halloween there will be a lot of younger siblings relegated to Bingo costumes without too much say in the matter (though hopefully they’re Heeler pup fans too). This super soft one-piece jumpsuit zips up the back, and it’s made from a heavy polyester warm enough for trick-or-treating on a cool night. The tail is attached so there’s no concern about losing it, and — because this is an officially-licensed Bluey product — Bingo’s face on the separate headpiece looks super accurate and oh-so cute; it looks like a hood but it’s a separate piece.


A three-piece Bluey costume for kids

The comfortable Bluey costume from Party City is three separate pieces: A jumpsuit, a tail, and a headpiece with Velcro closure. The suit has elastic cuffs and hook-and-loop closures in the back (which may require a little assistance getting in and out of). The cute hat has plush features to give it a 3D look. The exact same style is available in a Bingo costume too.


A Bingo costume for kids

Some kids prefer the younger Heeler pup, which is good because in addition to Bluey costumes, there are plenty of Bingo Halloween costumes to choose from, too. This jumpsuit has Bingo’s name written on the chest, so anyone who isn’t familiar with the show will still know who your little one is dressed as (sparing your kid the Halloween agony of having to explain). This is a jersey, cotton, poly blend, and all the features including Bingo’s face and tail are 2D, making them easier to navigate. The cute hood and zip-up front offer ease and comfort when it comes to getting in and out of this.

With costumes in hand, you can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing your Bluey-loving fam is covered for Halloween 2022.

(Video) the episode of Bluey where Muffin swindles $1200 out of an old lady

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