St Augustine Night of Lights GRINCHmas Ride from $35 - Book Now on Experience Gifts (2023)


I'm not a long walker so enjoying the festive lights around St. Augustine was wonderful night before the New Year. The Grinch was a quick talker, zipped around town around carriage rider and tourists walking the streets. He was insulting to some (which is his character) he turned off light displays and stopped traffic. It was a hilarious adventure. I booked the evening before and 5:30 was the time available. It was prefect as it was just getting dark. We had dinner after that wasn't to late for these old folks. Looking forward to another adventure next year. Highly recommended.

Barbara - January 11th, 2023

F-ing Fantastic!

This was everything we expected it to be. We had a BLAST. Can't wait to do this again!

Itana - January 10th, 2023

Fun Time

It was a fun experience, the Grinch was great at being grinchy, he kept it fun and I was expecting the insults, did not disappoint! I just wish it was a bit more interactive for the passengers.

Kathryn - January 6th, 2023

What a treat!!!

Laughed so hard the entire ride!

Susanne - January 3rd, 2023

Outrageous Fun

The Grinch was a riot as he drove us through the crowded streets of St. Augustin, shouting Grinchy comments at pedestrians and motorists. Our group laughed uproariously the whole way through, and even the people on the streets who were the targets of his comments appreciated the humor and took pictures.

Philip - January 3rd, 2023


I have been coming to the nights of lights for many years and taken the trolley tours ...this is the best tour we have had with the grinch hands down. .. we will be coming back and recommending him!!

Sharon - January 2nd, 2023

Great time

Very entertaining for the entire family, all ages. Highly recommend for all. Will definitely do again next year.

Nicole - January 2nd, 2023

5 Stars

The grinch was great. We really enjoyed the ride!

Linda - January 2nd, 2023

Great Tour

The Grinch provided the best and most entertaining tour of St. Augustine possible. Great time!

Jerry - December 23rd, 2022

Great time

The Grinch was hysterical! A very enjoyable experience

Ashleigh - December 21st, 2022

Images from experience.

Our Christmas Tradition!

We book this every year and it never gets old. There’s something so cool about saying what you really feel and not getting in trouble for it because you are the grinch! We laugh our butts off and will continue to do this for years to come. I look forward to this (even more than Christmas dinner with family). It’s a must! I’d give it 100 stars if I could. Book it late September/Early November to get a good time slot. So much fun!

Natalie - December 19th, 2022


8 of us went on the grinch mobile and had the best time ever! Seriously I have not laughed that hard in years! Grinch stayed in character the whole time and was a hoot! We are making plans for next year!!!

Lisa - December 15th, 2022

Great Time

Had a great time with the Grinch...

Denise - December 14th, 2022

Sooo much fun!

We were laughing the entire ride! The Grinch was sooo funny and made our night extremely enjoyable!!

Tricia - December 8th, 2022

Don't sit in rear facing seat

We loved the Grinch but we really wished all the seats faced forward. We couldn't see the interactions the Grinch had with the peopleon the streets, we could only hear it. We really felt jipped that we didn't get the full experience like all the other passengers.

Darlene - December 5th, 2022


Wonderful experience… extremely funny GRINCH..lots of laughter

Adelle - November 28th, 2022

Such fun!

Grinch was funny, family friendly and we had a blast. The kids talked about him all the way home!

Susan - January 10th, 2022

Grinchmas tour

We had such a fun time!!! The Grinch kept us laughing. He was also Very nice to my grandson age 2. Totally will do it again!! Thank you Mr. Grinch

Sandra - December 28th, 2021

Everyone had a great time.

We had great weather and really enjoyed the view of of St. Augustine's Night of Lights from the Grinch's golf cart. The Grinch didn't disappoint with his performance. Great fun.

Michael - December 15th, 2021

Best ever!!!!

I laughed so hard my stomach hurt! My daughter and wife couldn’t stop laughing. This is a def must do!!!!

Ronald - December 15th, 2021

Best Grinch Ever

I have been 3 years in a row and am glad this grinch is back. He is the best and funniest grinch ever. I laughed so hard from start to finish and it was what I needed after a hard family year.Thanks Grinch

Michael - December 14th, 2021


Grinch was super funny! Great trip!

Lina - December 13th, 2021

Amazing!! Will do again

Our Grinch made the experience for us. He had us laughing and just having a great time. What a unique ride!! We will definitely be coming back and have already told others how awesome it was.

Mary - December 13th, 2021

Fab Grinchulous

It was absolutely so much fun and. It was a riot. Needed laughter and the holiday spirit. The grinch was so fun. I definitely could help stage additional events to make it even more fun for next year but again had the best time. Was not too impressed by the little chocolate shack where we were picked up. Their sense of customer service could have been improved significantly.

Carol - December 12th, 2021


Best ride in town. The Grinch is hilarious, the ride was nice, the experience very unique. It felt very christmas-y. The company is super organized and the little coffee shop where you wait is delish...loved it...I already recommended to everyone I know! I went with my young family.

Cristina - December 9th, 2021

Grinchmas Tour

Very fun time and the Grinch was awesome and made our tour memorable.

Betty - December 9th, 2021

Grinchiest time

Great great great!! Loved the grinch!

Jennifer - December 8th, 2021

GRINCHmas ride 12/06/2021

Awesome- Had a BLAST !!!!

Charlie - December 8th, 2021

The best way to see Night of Lights

The Holiday Grinchmas ride through the Night of Lights was amazing! The Grinch was hilarious and had us laughing the whole ride. He was great with my kids. This is officially on our annual Christmas to-do list! Worth every penny!

CATHERINE - December 6th, 2021


It was ok. We were stuffed into the golf cart. On line said 7 adults plus grinch. Our trip had 9 people plus grinch. We barely fit. The holiday lights are beautiful there is no denying that. Grinch was good. I just don’t think over selling is justified even during night of lights.

Janice - December 6th, 2021

Holiday GRINCH-MAS Ride

This tour was fantastic. My 9 year old laughed until her belly hurt.

Tessa - December 5th, 2021

Has potential

We were kind of disappointed with the experience. After having seen the Grinch last year driving by and hearing him interact with the public we thought the tour would be a lot of fun. In our experience the ride was filled with children so the Grinch was pretty tame and we were stuck on the very back so we couldn’t see what he was referring to until we passed it. It would be better if the Grinch had a few late night rides maybe starting at 9 that were adults only and the grinch really got into character.

Circe - December 5th, 2021

Very hilarious

Me and my husband had a great time on the grinch-mas ride!! He yelled at people In the roads and everyone just laughed!!

Alicia - November 29th, 2021

Great Time!

We went on the ride along and it was the highlife of our trip. It was my granddaughters birthday trip and my grandson came along. Great time for sure and can’t wait to do it again!

Penny - November 28th, 2021

We had a great time with the Grinch!!!

The grinch was completely in character!!! He interacted with us and other people on our journey and we Had many belly laughs…🤣😂Thank you Mr. Grinch!!! 😁

Patricia - November 28th, 2021

Hilarious & Fun

Absolutely the most fun we've had in a very long time. This will be on our list of things to do again and to recommend to our friends.

Larry - November 23rd, 2021

The Grinch Express

Sooooooo much fun!!!! Highly recommend it during the holidays!

Cindy - November 23rd, 2021


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