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If you are baffled by users leaving your site without taking any intended action that you wanted them to, this article will help you change that forever.

Smart website owners have stopped their users from exiting their pages using pop-ups that capture their attention and drive visitors into marketing funnels.

The truth is, if you own a website, your main goal is to earn revenue.

Even news publishers that you frequently read are not giving any content for free. They are compensated through the ads they display.

So, if you are not getting money out of the visits, either in the form of user data or ad revenue, your business is doing charity, as I said before.

We are not going to discuss ad revenue here because that’s not what business websites aim for. What you as a business website owner want is more people to either buy or subscribe to your products or services.

The blogs you publish, the case studies and whitepapers you took time designing, all serve one unique purpose – attract a larger target audience and convert them.

Using exit-intent pop-ups has now become one of the key conversion rate optimization strategies that even the top marketing gurus endorse.

At times, an exit-intent pop-up is the last hope of a marketer to engage with users who are about to abandon a page. Exit-Intent Pop-ups: Examples & Best Practices for 2023 - Stan Ventures (1)

What’s an Exit-Intent pop-up?

An exit-intent pop-up is triggered by tracking the mouse movement of your users. It appears at a critical point where your user decides to quit the page without taking an intended action.

An exit-intent pop-up with an appealing visual offering a discount or a freebie can usually hold back your prospective customer from abandoning a page.

At the very least, it can lure the users into sharing their details with you in return for a downloadable asset.

This makes it possible for your marketing team to use the data for retargeting these users through various other channels.

More importantly, exit-intent pop-ups make your users feel that someone is really listening to their inner thoughts and giving solutions.

It is an enriching experience (sometimes, even personal) for them and this results in kick-starting a positive interaction with your brand.

This is especially true with online shopping, as making the customer journey interactive through interesting exit pop-ups is good for both shoppers and website owners.

As a targeted marketing exercise, you can use these pop-ups to fulfill your goals by making people subscribe to your newsletters and emails or get them to buy a product that was added to the wishlist.

How Exit-Intent pop-up Increases Conversion Rate

A potential conversion does not translate into sales unless you seize the initial connection with the prospect.

Nor will sales happen if a prospective customer is not convinced or attracted to the product/item/asset that you offer.

So, does this make you ask, will pop up increase leads and improve conversions?

The answer is an emphatic YES.

Even if you are just getting a mail subscription through the exit-intent pop-up, the users are starting to engage with your brand.

Over time, they easily recognize you, and eventually, they become your clients and later on, your brand advocates.

Using exit-intent pop-up as part of the conversion optimization strategy is considered as the magic wand that can turn the chairs around for your marketing success.

It’s important that your web pages speak the language and messages that the target users want to hear.

An exit-intent pop-up does this job to perfection when it’s devised from a customer’s perspective.

As online shopping spikes in 2023, exit-intent pop-ups have become the go-to marketing tool for e-commerce websites.

They have all reasons to do so because it keeps users entrenched in the store. The more time they spend in an e-store, the better the chances of buying products.Exit-Intent Pop-ups: Examples & Best Practices for 2023 - Stan Ventures (2)

It’s proven that when marketers used exit-intent pop-ups within their products and category pages, the conversion rate increased at least by 15-20%.

At Stan Ventures, we have seen some blog posts giving a 300% increase in conversion rate just by strategically placing exit-intent pop-ups.

It’s possible that even a short poll can get you going and increase the database of the prospects. Sometimes, all that you need from them is to feed in the email address.

Most successful exit-intent pop-ups work around the psychology of the target users, thereby asking key questions or offering irresistible resources that do not allow the visitor to dump you without taking any action.

Exit-intent pop-ups as a lead capturing tool can do wonders when implemented with the right tools.

Exit-Intent Pop-Up Best Practices

It makes sense to understand the science behind conversion rates and exit-intent pop-ups on your e-commerce or business website.

The optimal pop-up design, color schemes, and tools can make a difference in the way users interact with the message you convey.

If your pop-up designs are not attuned to the best practices, you could be leaving a lot of money behind your rivals.

Take, for example, this scenario:

A teaser like this below gives a second chance. If you notice, it has a simple but attractive design with plain text.

Clearly, it’s a simple pop-up design for the website that gets the attention of the users. It is eye-pleasing and allows a customer to think for a few more seconds before leaving. This pop-up design gives an opportunity to gently engage back without intruding or being too pushy.

Exit-Intent Pop-ups: Examples & Best Practices for 2023 - Stan Ventures (3)

You need to focus on other strategic specifications for deploying best practices in 2023 for exit-intent pop-ups.

As the number of smartphone shoppers increases, it’s important to keep in mind that the pop-up design for a website’s desktop version may not work for the mobile.

When designing an exit pop-up, it’s important to keep these in mind:

  • Have a clutter-free pop-up design
  • Pop-up shouldn’t affect the usability
  • Accompanying text that appeals to the emotions of the user
  • It should not be intrusive

Getting the exit-intent pop-up for mobile devices is a bit tricky as there is no mouse cursor that can be tracked.

Most tools that provide exit-intent use page tracking to initiate the pop-up.
Exit-Intent Pop-ups: Examples & Best Practices for 2023 - Stan Ventures (4)

This may not be easy for you or the developer to code such an interactive pop-up. That’s why you need the best tool to support you with exit-pop-up implementation.

Additionally, you can seek the assistance of a graphic designer for matching up your pop-up design to that of the color schemes and design aspects of your website.

As they have already implemented several pop-up designs for websites, their understanding of best practices – both desktop and mobile pop up best practices will help you in the longer run.

Best Exit Intent pop-up Examples

With advanced tools, many websites are using interesting types of pop-ups that can keep the users glued to the site.

The Pop-up wheel is one of the latest additions to this league of unique exit-intent pop-ups.

The gamification of the exit-intent pop-ups adds to the appeal and gets the visitor moving further into your business.

As for you – a marketing pro – it converts into an ideal sale after you make them pass through the right marketing funnels.

What’s more is some of the newer exit-intent pop-ups allow users to remember your store for the next big purchase.

Let’s look at some of the interesting exit-intent pop-ups that we identified during our quick research:

If you are running your website on a CMS platform like WordPress, you have plenty of tools to choose to create the best exit-intent pop-up.

We will be discussing a few of the tools in the next section of this blog. However, here are some of the interesting types of exit-intent popups that came to our attention.

Example 1: Exit-Intent pop-up of a Shopify SiteExit-Intent Pop-ups: Examples & Best Practices for 2023 - Stan Ventures (5)

This is one of the good exit-intent pop-ups we found on a Shopify site. It’s quite engaging as the users care a lot for the free shipping and they usually don’t want to spend even a penny extra than what’s already listed on the site.

Not providing free shipping ranks #1 among the many reasons for cart abandonment. This pop-up is ideal as it makes the user believe that he/she earned the free shipping offer rather than given it for free.

E-commerce sites that sell groceries and FMCG products can use such a strategy. The design is simple and the communication is also clear.

Example 2: Exit-Intent pop-up of a Magento SiteExit-Intent Pop-ups: Examples & Best Practices for 2023 - Stan Ventures (6)

Enticing a customer is a challenge. But this exit intent pop-up we found on this Magento-based site fulfills the buyer intention criteria for the business.

By asking for an email, the pop-up collects the user day and marketers can use it for the future. By adding a discount, you also tempt the user into sharing their details without much hesitation.

This is the perfect pop-up advertisement example when customers do festive shopping. This is a genuine offer with the best practices.

Example 3: Best Exit-Intent Pop-ups for WordPressExit-Intent Pop-ups: Examples & Best Practices for 2023 - Stan Ventures (7)

This is an exit-intent pop-up for signup action with a beautiful design. If you are running a WordPress website, you could replicate this WordPress pop-up window design using one of the tools we have explained in the next section.
Exit-Intent Pop-ups: Examples & Best Practices for 2023 - Stan Ventures (8)

Do you notice the emotional appeal in this example?

This is an ideal pop-up advertisement example for you, and yet again, this exit-intent pop-up is from a WordPress site.

You can use such exit-intent pop-ups with clear and concise messages to advertise your products and sell them like hotcakes. However, it’s important to make it relevant to your products.

Example 4: Exit-Intent Survey Pop-upsExit-Intent Pop-ups: Examples & Best Practices for 2023 - Stan Ventures (9)

An exit-intent survey pop-up looks like the sample above.

It’s majorly used to collect data insights from the users. Sometimes this is widely used within eCommerce platforms to understand the experience of the buyer.

Genuine, real, and engaging subscribers can be found with such polls and survey-based exit-intent pop-ups.

Check out another example and see if your business can implement something similar to support your online marketing campaign.

Example 5: Lead Capture pop-ups

Exit-Intent Pop-ups: Examples & Best Practices for 2023 - Stan Ventures (10)

Using the lead generation pop-up, you can connect with the right audience who are looking for the services that you are offering.

A good lead generation pop-up, like the one above, will feature an irresistible downloadable asset that’s waiting to be unlocked on entering data on the fields provided.

If you want to boost conversion, the above are the best pop-up examples to follow.

You can be creative and make the content and visuals applicable to your business.

The internet offers several pop-up examples for websites and is designed to guide consumers and marketers to have a good relationship.

As there are many devices through which consumers browse online, the needs of designs are also diverse.

Catch the user in less than 7 seconds

To hook any user in 7 seconds is quite a challenge.

When surveys were conducted, it was found that barely 22% of business owners were able to get good conversions.

Sometimes, even the best in-house made pop-ups do not work. That is why it is necessary to work with the top exit-intent pop-up providers.

They have created amazing cliffhangers just in the nick of time to get back the user to fill the cart.

What eventually matters is:

  1. Creating the right triggers for the free exit pop-up.
  2. Investing in the best software for pop-ups.
  3. Understanding the customer’s journey to buy products online.
  4. How they spend and on which items can be surveyed to showcase the right message in the pop-up.
  5. New visitors should be attracted to the right content.

Top Exit-Intent pop-up Providers

OptinMonsterExit-Intent Pop-ups: Examples & Best Practices for 2023 - Stan Ventures (11)

OptinMonster is one of the most widely used tools for enabling exit-intent pop-ups. It has a lot of additional features and is one of the go-to-tool for marketers who intend to capture emails, advertise discounts, and convince users to complete the checkout process. The best thing with OptinMonster is that it works for both desktop and mobile platforms seamlessly.

OptinlyExit-Intent Pop-ups: Examples & Best Practices for 2023 - Stan Ventures (12)

Optinly, like all other software that offer exit-intent pop-ups, has multiple options to attract the attention of your users. You can use it to offer coupon codes, discounts, and even downloadable assets. Optinly is available as a free WordPress Plugin. Additionally, they provide JavaScript integration for other platforms.


Exit-Intent Pop-ups: Examples & Best Practices for 2023 - Stan Ventures (13)

HubSpot is considered one of the pioneers in CRO tools. Their Exit intent pop-up has almost all the features that you are looking for; however, the pricing of HubSpot tools makes it popular only among a few segments of businesses.

Driving visitors to your site is important but what ultimately matters is sending these leads into the sales funnel and converting them into profitable sales.

Exit-intent pop-ups are a must-have to stop visitors from abandoning your website while enticing them to perform the action you want. They are usually displayed based on the mouse movements of the users.

An attractively designed exit-intent pop-up coupled with crisp and convincing content can be of help anywhere from collecting the visitors’ email ID for building a robust database to instantly luring them to purchase your product or service.

Make sure your exit-intent pop-ups are well-targeted and set to appear right on time to hook the attention of the users so that you can boost your conversion margins exponentially.

Exit-Intent Pop-ups: Examples & Best Practices for 2023 - Stan Ventures (14)


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