45+ Best Bounce House Invitation Wording Ideas (Templates) (2023)

Bounce houses or technically known as inflatable castles are impermanent inflatable structures and buildings that are rented and brought for schools, functions, village fetes, church festivals, and other recreational purposes used particularly for children.

In other words, the Bounce house is the most demanding product for kids’ entertainment purposes. It can be easily installed as per your place and location, with numerous designs and sizes to choose from.

Due to this fact, many working parents have opted to buy their kids a bounce house in search of creating some beautiful memories with their kids that they generally miss out on because of their working schedules.

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-Our little (kid’s name) has just come to know about the concept of Bounce house, and now he/she wants it for his/her birthday. Do bring your child for a fun day.

-Little bit of eating and lots of jumping. That will be the motto of our new Bounce House party. Please be there on (date) at (location).

-We have rented a bouncy castle for our little (kids’ name). Come bounce with us on (date) and enjoy the day for childlike fun.

-As we adults like to “put our hands in the air,”; the kids are more like ‘jump in the air. We ask you to join us for a bounce house party on (date).

-We finally gave in to our kids’ demands of buying a bouncy house. So please join us along with your little devils on (date) and enjoy a bouncy afternoon.

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-The kids are planning to jump and bounce with their newly bought bounce. We ask you and your child’s presence for a day filled with laughing and playing.

-Our little princess demands her little friend (kid’s name) to be present at her house on (date) to enjoy her new favorite thing in the world, i.e., the Bounce house.

-Little Megan has finally bounced her way into her 6th Birthday, and we have decided to throw her a bouncy house party. Please come

-We were skeptical at first, but now we love our bounce house so much that we are throwing a party on (date). Please be there with your kids for a delightful day.

-Buying a bounce house for your kids makes you feel like a grown-up all of a sudden. So let’s relive our childhood again and enjoy a bounce house party on (date).

-She has been nagging us since her 4th birthday, and we finally bought her a bounce house on her 5th birthday. Do come along with your (kid name) on (date).

-We ask for your presence for the bounce house party that we are going to throw on (date) at (location). We are hoping to see you have fun at the bouncy castle.

-Keep your high heels in your shoe drawer for the bounce house party organized by your truly. We ask your family’s presence to enjoy the party wholeheartedly.

-Who said Bounce houses are just for kids? We are going to prove the world wrong by organizing a bounce house party on (date). Please come along with your kids as well.

-It’s been a long time since we adults had childlike. So you and your family of three are invited to the bounce house on (date) for some childish fun time.

-It’s time to kick off your shoes and enjoy the bounce house we just brought. We are going to be expecting you and the kids to attend our Bounce house party.

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-There will be sliding, and there will be swinging, but most importantly, there will be jumping. We cordially invite you and your kids to our bounce house party.

-We have just brought a bounce house, so why not make a very happy day for the kids on their bouncy castle on (date)? We will be expecting you and the kids.

-Our parents have created some happy bouncy castle memories for us, and it’s time we do the same. See you and the kids on (date) for a bouncy day.

-Wouldn’t our kids love it if they suddenly got access to bounce castles? Hence we have organized a Bounce House party on (date) to which you and the kids are cordially invited.

-Run, Jump, fall, and more of the things that the kids want are being arranged for Christina’s birthday bounce house party. We ask you and the kids to be there with us.

-If I say that my husband had bought us a bounce house for our anniversary, no one would believe it. It is true, though, and you are invited to our first bounce house party.

-Megan says that a bounce house that is blessed with friends to play with is the happiest house. So you and the kids are cordially invited to make her bounce house the happiest.

-We all have a home but do we all have a bounce house? Actually, yes, we do, so you and the kids are welcome to check it out on (date).

-Our little Suzan’s new bounce house needs the warmth of her good friends. So bring along the kids for a fun day out at our bounce house party on (date).

-The boxes of the bounce house have been unpacked strictly for the kids, and the wine glasses have been set strictly for adults. We’ll be expecting you and the family on (date).

-It is said that bounce houses are quite sturdy, and we wanted to be absolutely sure; hence you and the kids are invited to a bounce party at our home on (date).

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-Our little Jacob asked why we aren’t throwing his bounce house housewarming party. So we ask you and the kids to be present on (date) for the bounce house warming party.

-It is the little joys that we provide to our kids that matter the most. So, we’ll see you and the kids on (date) for a bounce house party session.

-Our little princess wants to play with all of her best friends at the newly bought Bounce house. Please come as it would mean a lot to us.

-Jump, bounce, Run, and Play will be the motto of our (kids’ name)’s bounce house party. Make sure to bring along the kids for an extremely fun-filled day.

-It’s all about the unconditional joy when you go for the first jump on a bounce house. Come and enjoy the bouncy house with the kids and for the kids on (date).

-Her Royal Highness Princes (child name) requests you and your kid’s presence at a royal celebration regarding her new bounce castle.

-We adults will have our wines, but it will be tough to get the kids off the bounce house. So do come and help us execute our bounce house party.

-Once your kids get to know about the bounce house party, then they’ll surely be excited, but there will be cocktails for us adults as well. See you then on (date).

-Since we have our own child, it is only fitting that we fulfill the demand of buying a bounce house for her. So you all are invited to her bounce house party.

-Our new house doesn’t have a pool, though, but it bounces really well. Confused? Well, you and the kids are being invited to our bounce party.

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What to write in a bounce house party invitation?

  • Mention the reason for hosting the party
  • Mention how happy you would be to host a party for the kids
  • Mention the venue and the theme of the party
  • Mention all the activities you have planned

How to respond to a bounce house party invitation?

  • Thank your host for the invitation
  • Let them know how excited your kids are
  • Send an RSVP
  • Congratulate them on hosting the party
45+ Best Bounce House Invitation Wording Ideas (Templates) (2)

Here is the big list of All Invitation Wording ideas that covers over 501+ of All Parties, Events, and related to Businesses. also, We Crafted Catchy Ready-made Invitation Card Canva Templates for you.

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How do you mention a bounce house on an invitation? ›

-We have rented a bouncy castle for our little (kids' name). Come bounce with us on (date) and enjoy the day for childlike fun. -As we adults like to “put our hands in the air,”; the kids are more like 'jump in the air. We ask you to join us for a bounce house party on (date).

What should a 40th invitation say? ›

A 40th birthday is a milestone worth celebrating.
The information on the invitations should include:
  1. Name of birthday person.
  2. Age (40)
  3. Address and time for party.
  4. RSVP information (name, telephone number, email, and date needed)
  5. Relevant party information, such as "bring a swimsuit and towel" for a pool party.

How do you write a fun invitation? ›

What Do You Write in a Party Invitation Message?
  1. Your Name.
  2. Kind of Party – Tell your guests what you're celebrating.
  3. Date and Time.
  4. Venue – Be sure to include the full address.
  5. RSVP (If applicable)
  6. Dress Code (If applicable)
Nov 18, 2021

What do you write on a 50th party invitation? ›

What to write on a 50th birthday party invitation?
  1. Mention how good do you feel about celebrating your day together.
  2. Mention that you would be glad to be their host.
  3. Let them know the theme of the party.
  4. Make them feel that you really want their presence in the party.

How do you word an open house invite? ›

Include the specific reason for the party, such as "Please join us to celebrate Melissa's graduation." Include the date of the event in a prominent location, as well as your address and phone number. Open house invitations typically include a range of hours when the guests can stop by.


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