20+ Best Teen Games – Party Games for Teenagers (2023)

By Katee Fletcher

Looking for fun teen games to play? From cool board games to unique games no one’s heard of, the games in this list are sure to stir up some fun and laughter. Whether you’re a parent searching for games as teen birthday party ideas or you’re a teenager searching for fun games to play with friends, this article has what you’re hunting for.

20+ Best Teen Games – Party Games for Teenagers (3)

Classic Teen Games

These teen party games are perfect for teenagers that are looking for a classically, fun time. While many know these party games, they are anything from basic. Check out a classic teen party game below for a fun night with friends!

Truth or Dare

Truth or dare is a classic party game that teenagers love. Have the players sit in a circle so that it’s easy to see all guests. Spin a bottle in the center to see who goes first. Next, someone asks that player “truth or dare,” to which they must either answer the truth or perform the dare. If they do not answerthequestionor complete thedare, they must do a penalty that is decided by the group prior to thegame. Once their turn is over, the next person can be the person to their left or the next person the bottle lands on. This game is bound to have teens laughing and having fun while going around the circle answering questions or acting out dares!

21 Questions

The classic way to play this game in a group is to randomly select the first participant and then have the group ask them 21 questions back to back. Before the game, decide if follow-up questions count towards the 21 or not. The next person to go can be selected by the person who just finished, randomly selected, or can volunteer.


Before beginning, divide the teens into two teams and tear up a bunch of pieces of paper to write various acts on them. Choose what your categories will be and then proceed to write things on the paper that fall within those categories. For example, a category could be celebrities, animals, famous cities, etc. to which someone could write down Adele, tigers, and/or New York City. Each team chooses their starting player who then draws a piece of paper from the bowl of acts. Each team will have 2 minutes to act out the idea written on the paper. If their team guesses in time, they get a point, if they don’t the next round begins. The team with the most points when the bowl runs out wins.


A fun, simple game to have at any party is limbo! Grab a broom, pole, etc., and turn it into a bar that players must bend back and walk under without touching it. If the player falls or touches the bar, then they’re out. The last person limboing wins!


Divide teenagers into teams and have them pick a fun name to call themselves. Also, have them elect a team captain who will be raising their hand to answer and answering on their behalf. Print out a list of fun trivia questions online and then begin asking the teams various questions off the list. Each team has 30 seconds to discuss their answer privately but once the time is up, an answer must be given by their team captain. Each correct answer leads to one point and the team with the most points when the list of questions runs out, wins.

Would You Rather

Have players sit in a circle and randomly select a player to start first. The group will then ask them a fun “would you rather” question to which the player must answer. If they choose not to answer, they must do a penalty that’s decided by the team before the game begins. The player who answers next can be decided by the person who just finished, randomly selected, or can volunteer.

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a classic party game that teenagers love. Have the players sit in a circle and hold up their hands with all ten fingers pointed up. One player must start by stating something they’ve never done. For example, never have I ever peed outside. If other players in the group have done the activity then they must put a finger down. The last person standing wins the game! This teen game will definitely rile some laughs and smiles.

Fun Teen Party Games – Board Games

Board games have been known as fun party games for years! Pick the best board games around and use them as teenage party games at your next fun teen party.

Cards Against Humanity

This classic card game is loved by people of all ages. It’s quirky, hilarious, and fun to play with friends or family. Each player is dealt a hand of cards that read various strange answers. Then, a prompt is drawn and each player must lay, face down, a card from their hand they think works best with the prompt or is just plain funny. The person who pulled the prompt card will then collect all the laid down cards, read them aloud, and pick what they feel is the best answer for whatever reason. Whoever’s card was chosen, wins a point and the person with the most points at the end wins! The person to the left of the person who just drew the prompt card will then draw a prompt card themselves and the game continues from there. Be sure to check it out and play at your next teen party!

Truth Be Told

This board game is fun for everyone involved. The host turns over a card reading something like “truth be told, my favorite movie is __” to which they must write their honest answer. However, at the same time, the rest of the group is writing down bluff answers that are either hilarious or accurate for what they think the host’s favorite TV show is. In the end, all answers are read by the host, and the group votes which answer they think is true and which answer is the funniest bluff.

Catch Phrase

This teen party game is perfect for large groups. First, you want to divide the teenagers into two or more teams. Choose a team to start with the device that displays one word at a time. One person on the team must try to describe as many words as possible in a minute without saying the actual word. They’re allowed to skip a word if they feel it’s too hard, but for each on their team guesses correctly, they score a point. Decide on how many rounds to play before the game starts and whichever team has the most points in the end wins. Be sure to grab this party game for the next teen party you’re hosting!


A classic game that gets players tangled quickly while stirring up a lot of laughter. A mat is laid out that displays various colored spots. The group can take turns spinning a board that lands on which color they must put a hand or foot on. If you fall, you’re out! Be sure to check out this active board game for your next teen party.

Heads Up

This hilarious board game blew up quickly because of the fun it created in crowds. One player holds a card to their head while the rest of the players try to describe what the card says without saying the word itself. If the player guesses correctly, a point is scored for their team. Cards are drawn until time runs out and then it’s the next person’s turn.

20+ Best Teen Games – Party Games for Teenagers (4)

Cool Teenage Party Games to Play Outside

If you’re searching for game ideas to use outdoors then these teen party games are for you. Organize a party game from the list below to stir up much fun for the group of teens that are partying.


This is a teenager’s version of hide-and-go-seek. Manhunt is played at night with two players being the seekers and the rest of the players hiding where they hope to not be found. If they are found and tagged then they’re out. However, players need to decide on a base before the game begins and if hiding players are able to run and reach the base before being tagged, then they’re safe.Make sure no base guarding is allowed by the seekers either! They must go out, try to find those that are hiding, and be quick to catch them if someone makes a run for it. The next seekers are those who are tagged out.

Scavenger Hunt

Hide various items in twos throughout the neighborhood and write them down on a list. Divide the teenagers into two teams and hand them the list full of items they must find. The first team that finds and gathers all the items on the list, wins!

Water Balloon Dodge Ball

This version of dodge ball is way more fun than what we all played in gym class! Fill a bucket up with tons of water balloons and divide teenagers into two teams. Mark a line in the center of the teams where the bucket sits right in the middle. Once the game starts, teens will sprint to the bucket, grabbing balloons and trying to hit players on the other side of the line. The last team standing wins!

Balloon Blow

This game is simple but super fun! Divide the teenagers into pairs and give them each a blown-up balloon. Their objective is to keep their balloon in the air longer than the rest of the other pairs. But, the catch is that they can only keep the balloon up by blowing on it. The team that keeps their balloon in the air the longest, wins!

Baby in the Air

This game requires water balloons, so be sure to have a few water balloons filled in advance. Have the teenagers gather in a large circle and pick one person to be in the middle (perhaps the host or birthday boy/girl). Then, the person in the middle will pick up a water balloon and say “Baby in the air, I call number __” while throwing the balloon into the air. The person whose number is called, must run to the center and try to catch the balloon before it hits the ground. If they’re unable to catch it before it bursts, then they’re out. However, if they do catch it, then they take over the spot in the middle and the game continues.

Unique Party Games for Teenagers

A fun teen party needs a fun party game that is unique and cool to play. Some of the games in the list below require only two people and some are meant for large groups. However, whether the game calls for groups of two or groups of ten, any party game chosen from this list, it’s bound to be a lot of fun!

Peanut Pass

Have the party guests stand in a circle and hand out a spoon to each of them. Each guest must hold the spoon’s handle in their mouth. The game starts when a peanut is placed in the ladle of someone’s spoon. Then, that person must try to pass the peanut to the guest beside them without dropping it. If the peanut drops, the teen is out, but if it doesn’t then they stay and the game continues on. The last player standing wins!

Balloon Pop

Attach two safety pins to two hats with tape. Then, hang at least 20 balloons of two different colors (10 one color, 10 the other color) at different heights throughout the room. Divide the teens into two teams that correspond to the balloons’ colors. The teams must pick one person at a time to wear the pinned hat and pop as many of their balloons as possible within 15 seconds. After the 15 seconds are up, the person with the hat changes to another member of the group. Only the hat can be used to pop the balloons— no hands or feet allowed! The team that pops all of their balloons first, wins.

Ping-Pong Race

Use painter’s tape to mark a track on the floor, placing two different ping-pong balls at the start. Have teens line up on either side so they can race and see who can get their ping-pong ball to the end of the track first. However, they can only move the ball forward by blowing on it with a straw! Whoever gets their ball to the end of the track first, wins.

Wink Assassin

Tear up pieces of paper so that there’s one for each guest and write “assassin” on one of them and “player” on the rest. Place the pieces into a hat and have the guests draw to see what role they will play. When the game starts, each player must look around the room and observe what’s going on around them. This is because, one of the teens is a wink assassin and whoever they wink at, must count to five and then pretend to die. Once a player suspects who the assassin is, they can say “I accuse” and then ask if anyone else suspects someone. If a second person says “I accuse”, they both count down from three and then point to the person they each suspect. If they point to the same person and that person is the true assassin, then the game ends. If not, the game continues!

Junk in the Trunk

This game requires a few materials and preparation. First, attach two empty tissue boxes to their own belts, ropes, etc. to make them look like fanny packs. Then, place at least five ping-pong balls in each of the boxes and have two players attach the belts to themselves with the boxes on their backs. Set a timer for a minute and once it starts, players must try to shake all of the balls out of the box. The player that shakes all of the balls out first, wins.

Donut on a String

Tie donuts onto strings that hang at the same length for each of the contestants. Have the teens line up in front of their donuts and once the game begins, they must try to finish their donut without using their hands. The first person to finish their donut wins.

Party Game for Teen Girls

The game listed here is perfect for teenage girls looking to have the best party or sleepover.

Blind Makeovers

This game is perfect for teenage girls having a sleepover. Gather all the makeup you can find and divide girls into two groups, players and judges. The players then must be placed in pairs where one girl will wear a blindfold and the other girl will be the canvas. A timer set for 10 minutes will begins where the girl who is blindfolded will begin to paint the other girl’s face with various types of makeup. Once the 10 minutes is up, the pair will present their masterpiece to the judges who will decide which girl applied the makeup best while blindfolded. After the winner is decided, the pairs switch up who is blindfolded and can start again.


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